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NEWS 2018


Feature Expanded, European Art Film Program, HOME Manchester UK & Lo schermo dell'arte, Firenze IT/ June-Nov

BocsArt, art residency, I Martedi Critici, Cosenza IT/ 8th-25th Nov

Joli Mai, film residency with Clément Cogitore
GREC (Groupe de Recherches et d'Essais Cinématographiques), Paris/ June

Shows & Festivals

Visio, Artists film festival, Firenze/ 14th-18th Nov

monkey gaze at soldiers in the basement waiting for Noé, group screening, DOC Paris/ 22nd Feb

Loop Barcelona Discover awards 2017
GlogauAIR, Berlin DE/ 16th - 23rd Feb

Film distribution

Videocloop Archive, Loop, Barcelona

6×6 project, London


Athena Herself, artist publication at Motto Books

Merged Diaries, Unspoken We, with Ninna Bohn Pedersen, W139 Amsterdam

Athena's Gaze, HD video, 18min, 2017
6x6 project

Beyond Athena, mixed media installation, 2018
DOC Paris

Athena Herself, artist book, 2017
Motto Books