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Ed. of 50, Risograph printing, 25 pages, softcover book, hand-cut, hand-stitched, tip-in, Ditto Press London, UK
Concept & images Gabrielle Le Bayon, Text Paul Buck & Gabrielle Le Bayon, Graphic design Marine Duroselle

Image of A City, Strivings Aside is an artist publication based on a text used for the voice over in the video Image of a City (2011). The text was edited by the writer Paul Buck. He transformed it by bringing in his own words and the words of contemporary writers. It results in a narrative collage.

Image of a City, Strivings Aside est un livre d’artiste basé sur le texte utilisé pour la voix–off d'Image of a City (2011). L’écrivain Paul Buck a transformé ce texte en y apportant ces propres mots et ceux d’auteurs contemporains afin de créer un collage narratif.