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Video, HD 16:9, colour, sound, 5'15'', 2016 / with Maija Heskanen

"The worlds calmly turned through in Gabrielle Le Bayon’s ‘The Scale of Signs’ are absent in perhaps more various, complicated ways – history’s vicissitudes condemned to a textbook – technology’s condemn the textbook to nostalgia. Though the protagonist is flicking through the book backwards, meaning that if chronology is presumed, then her sincere desire is time travel, however quaint the notion. Like Mark Waller’s last sculpture, and its operational imperative to reflect the desires of its audience, this anachronistic book, filled with old-fashioned exotica, reflects the romantic desires of the narrator, who is apparently addressing a poet, that ultimate figure of doomed romance. The voice, however, speaks knowingly, of experience uncontained by representation, of desire outside of the monetary, against norms of a white, European presumption. Le Bayon’s video calmly posits its own heretical movement. A movement, perhaps, that really is nonsadistic: a movement to undo – like reading an old history book backwards."
Ed Atkins, Open Film 2016, Outpost, Norwich UK

The Scale of Signs looks at human desire as a tool to divert reality and to produce a short-circuit on a semantic level.

L'Echelle des Signes évoque le désir comme outil qui détourne l'existant pour produire un court-circuit à l'echelle des signes.

Open Film 2016 (cur. Ed Atkins), Outpost Norwich & a.m. London UK